Jost Kobusch – on top of Nangpai Gossum II

21 October 2017 / By Kuntal A. Joisher

I have now given over 100 talks about my Everest journey to audiences around the globe, and during every single talk of mine I introduce the audience to the people most important to me! One of them is Jost Kobusch.

I first met Jost during our Everest 2015 expedition - I was the Everest expedition leader, he was the Lhotse expedition leader. At first he seemed like yet another snobbish white mountaineer. During the expedition I got to know him better, and we became good friends. He was far from a snob, actually quite the contrary. A kick-ass climber, and a very down to earth and a gem of a person.

I distinctly remember the moment at 11.55 am on April 25th 2015, when we were hit by an earthquake induced gigantic avalanche at Everest base camp. I didn't think that I was going to die, I was 500% certain that I was going to die.

During the initial few seconds as the avalanche passed over us I couldn't breathe at all. It was during this time I remember a voice - "Are you okay? You can come inside my jacket and breathe". I did exactly that. And rest is history.

I'm typing this message means I got out alive and it is all Thanks to one guy - Jost Kobusch. I'll stay indebted to Jost for rest of my life for his quick presence of mind during seriously dire circumstances that gave me a new life! Every day since that moment, I never forget Jost's kindness.

And so naturally I'm proud to announce that recently Jost became the first human on the planet to stand on top of Nangpai Gossum II, the fourth highest unclimbed mountain in the world at 7296 meters on the border of Nepal and Tibet Himalaya.

And if that wasn't enough it was a solo ascent of the mountain done in complete alpine style. I'm absolutely in awe of this achievement - possibly one of the biggest news coming out of the mountaineering world this autumn, and I'm excitedly looking forward to what this guy is planning for his next endeavor!!

Attached is Jost's summit picture from Nangai Gossum II. And yes, one more trivia item - Jost also climbed Ama Dablam, considered one of the most beautiful and toughest mountain in the Himalaya in free solo style couple of years ago. He's made an absolutely insane video about his ascent that he shot himself.

And, yes this guy also shot the Everest avalanche video, which today has over 600 million views across various channels and platforms and it can be seen here (self-plug I'm the guy throwing F-bombs in the video) 

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