Engage Kuntal as a Speaker

“I am not a motivational or an inspirational speaker. When I walk into the room, I go with one goal – for people to find their own personal Everest (whatever that may be).” - Kuntal Joisher

When Kuntal is not chasing his mountain dreams, he tells his story and shares his life learning experiences with his audience. Kuntal stands before his riveted audience in sincerest hope to help another fellow human being; to be the catalyst in a person’s life in bringing about a positive and an optimistic change! Through his story, Kuntal hopes that people chase their own personal Everest dream and experience that ultimate euphoric moment in life.

Kuntal takes his audience on a visual journey to the very top of the world while delving into his innermost fears and how he overcame them to achieve his dream in 2016. Kuntal also illustrates the gut-wrenching terror that ensued during the devastating natural disasters and tragedies that struck his expedition in 2014 and 2015.  

Being the first Vegan climber, Kuntal connects with his audience about his vegan diet and how, contrary to popular belief, animal protein is unnecessary to succeed on Everest. Moreover, Kuntal explains the nitty gritty and reality behind mountain climbing in stark contrast to the glamorized image often portrayed in media and pop culture.


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