“Photography is an art. It’s not about how fancy your camera is or how expensive your lens is; Photography is all about expressing how you perceive the world.” - Kuntal Joisher

What started out as an unparalleled joy from the simple act of snapping a button, Kuntal matured into a passionate photographer. The grandeur of nature and its wilderness became a clarion call that would later feature him in National Geography online, Getty images and achieve numerous awards. He captures what inspires him and these are nature, mountains, the Himalayas, outdoors, so on and so forth. Since the moment he captured a breathtaking photo after several trials, during a solo winter trip to the Himalayas, he picked up a book titled, “Understanding Exposure”, and as quoted, “I was able to explain to myself how I was able to shoot the following picture. And thus, my journey into the world of manual exposure photography had started, and I was thrilled by the amount of power in my hands.”

Kuntal’s greatest hope from his Photography is when people experience nature and realise how important it is for our survival — both physically and spiritually, “they would automatically become conscious of the everyday choices they make and try and conserve our beautiful planet.”