What do Vegans eat??

21 June 2017 / By Kuntal A. Joisher

In last few years one question that I have been repeatedly asked is "What do you eat?" the moment someone comes to know I am a Vegan. I normally don't post photos of what I eat, but since it's lunch time, here's a photo of a meal I ate few hours ago. It's a Pizza, with a twist. It's made with refried beans mixed with pizza sauce, paneer (made from melon seeds milk) marinated in yogurt mixed with tandoori masala, topped with generous amounts of super yummy Cowvathi grate-able meltable cheese. All #Vegan of course!

But going back to the question - What do I eat? I'm not from mars! I exactly eat what you eat. Roti, Subji, Dal, Rice, fruits, Pizza, Burger, Pav Bhaji, Cheese grilled sandwich, Idli, Dosa, Paani Puri, Bhel, Samosa, ice-cream, shrikhand, gulab jamun, chocolates etc and the list goes on and on. Everything that you eat, I eat, as long as it's #Vegan. In today's world there is a Vegan alternative to pretty much every animal food product, and it can be made at home easily, at a reasonable cost, and it's nutritious, great tasting, good for you, your health, the environment and the planet, but above all it's great for our friends in the animal kingdom who are milked and slaughtered in billions just so that our taste buds can be satiated. There is no excuse to not be a Vegan.

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